The Complete Dog Breed Book: Choose the Perfect Dog For You


“Find your ideal canine companion with a comprehensive guide to dog breeds from around the world, with expert advice on keeping, training, and caring for your beloved pet.

From spaniels to sheepdogs, The Complete Dog Breed Book is all you need to help you choose the perfect companion for your family. Fully illustrated and featuring over 400 of the world’s best-loved breeds, this is the only breed guide you’ll ever need. Q&A selector charts help you choose the right dog for your lifestyle.

Clear and practical advice on care covers the essential aspects of looking after a dog, from handling, grooming, and nutrition to exercise and health. The training programme is fully illustrated with step-by-step photographic sequences, explaining the essentials of basic obedience. With expert advice on how to identify and prevent common behavioural problems, this all-encompassing new handbook offers a fascinating insight into the behaviour of dogs and how we interact with them.

The Complete Dog Breed Book is a one-stop manual to helping you become the owner of a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog.”