Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog


Have you ever wondered what a dog is thinking? Every dog loves to chase cars, but Enzo, this novel’s singular narrator, longs to race them. Enzo knows he is different from other dogs: a philosopher with a nearly human soul. He has educated himself by watching extensive television and by listening very closely to the words of his master, Denny Swift, an up-and-coming race car driver. Through Denny, Enzo realizes that racing is a metaphor: that by applying the techniques a driver would apply on the race track, one can successfully navigate the challenges of life. Enzo relates all that he and his family have been through: the sacrifices Denny has made to succeed in his chosen profession; the loss of Eve, Denny’s wife; the custody battle for their daughter, Zoë. And Enzo comes through heroically to preserve the family, holding in his heart the dream that Denny will go on to be a racing champion with his daughter at his side. This tween novel has been adapted from the NY Times bestselling The Art of Racing in the Rain.