Choosing the Perfect Puppy


From the bestselling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook comes the definitive guide to choosing the perfect puppy for you.

Ready for an adorable puppy in your life? With over 200 breeds to choose from, picking your new life companion can be hard. But the dog of your dreams is out there, and Choosing the Perfect Puppy is here to help you find it. In this book you will discover:
– How to compare pedigree with mixed breeds
– At-a-glance information on the most popular dog breeds in the world
– How to choose the best place to start searching
– How to choose the right puppy from a litter

And many more tips to find the perfect pooch to complete your life!

Written by dog-training expert and puppy enthusiast Pippa Mattinson, this book tells you everything you need to know before you welcome a new puppy into your life.